All workshops and readers I made.
You can find them in this directory.

rotating backwards: How to rotate backwards easily in a manipulation pattern, In this workshop you also find basic informations about turntables.

turntables 2: Using the example of „der Arsch“ we explain how to work out a turntable graphically. This demonstrates that the method also works for patterns with more than one interception in a manipulators line.
Another example we provide is  the „y you follow me“.

turntables: read which role you have in every step of a pattern. Moreover, it helps you to work out what you do in every moment of a pattern.

drop-down: aka Zeit für Unsinn. A pattern where you have a short moment you can use for other things than juggling.

inaudible melodies: a pattern – or better: a system – that was made to get use to throw out of sync with your partners. Works for different abilities of the jugglers.

View the collection of the 27 scrambled-v variations here, or download a zip-archive with all files.

no workshops but collections of movies and / or files for JoePass!

odds gods: a hurried 7 club 2-count

shamrock: a nice little pattern for 3 jugglers